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3mmc-king.com is a scammer, they say they are affiliated with chemistry-king.com but they are not they are just trying to scam people, i have also contacted chemistry-king.com and they know nothing of 3mmc-king.com
Please don't try to buy from 3mmc-king.com instead go to chemistry-king.com

Me: Hello there, can we order large quantities?
Me: Would like to order 5kg
Me: What is the price?
+44 7521 134304: Yes you can order large quantities price 5kg £10,000 that's £2,000 per kg or for single kgs are £3,500
Me: Ok.. Is possible to pick up too?
+44 7521 134304: No sorry we offer express shipping you pay a 30% deposit once order arrives you pay the outstanding 70% Regards ?
Me: Is possible to pay with bitcoin?
+44 7521 134304: Yes that's the only form of payment we accept at present kind Regards ?
Me: Ok cool.
Me: Are you affiliated with Chemistry King?
+44 7521 134304: Correct we are the UK Branch of Chemistry king kind Regards ?
Me: Ok cool
Me: Let me try 10gr with you first
+44 7521 134304: Check prices and quantities available here buddy kind Regards
Me: If all goes well. I will order 100g and more after that
Me: What is btc address?
 +44 7521 134304: Ok I will send over now buddy regards
Me: Ok
+44 7521 134304: ‎<bijgevoegd: 00000026-PHOTO-2022-06-07-16-05-28.jpg>
+44 7521 134304: 1JJfvZgkPoT5QAsxbnoWUC7k6AtZTmjEts
Me: Received the funds?
Me: (Gives my adress)
+44 7521 134304: Yes buddy regards will ship tomorrow at 3pm and provide tracking information thank you for your order kind Regards ?
Me: You have the tracking details for me?
Me: ???

I have never received my 10gr and i have never heard from them again
Dont trust them greetings, Pieter.B

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