The webshop of Chemhome24 has a lot of problems like broken links, i also noticed their reviews on the review page come from facebook but when i search them on facebook they don't exist so i was sceptic about them from the start but i still decided to place an order with them to see if they are safe or scam.

After placing my order and paid with bitcoin i contacted them straight away asking them if they have received my payment, i waited 3days for a reply but i didn't get any ?.

I then decided to contact them again, after a few minutes i received an automated message saying my question has been added to their queue and someone will reply soon.

A few hours later i still didn't receive any reply so i contacted them again, this time i got a reply from a person called "John" telling me my order is being processed and will be shipped soon.

After waiting for 5 more days i still didn't receive any update about my order so i decided to contact them again, this time i didn't receive any reply at all.

It has been 4 weeks now since i placed my order and paid for it, i have tried contacting them multiple times but they never reply back to me.

So please people don't order from Chemhome24 you will not receive your order.

I hope this review helps you find the right vendor,

Have a nice day Pieter.B ✅

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