My experience with

my experience with has been quitte average.

I have ordered here and when i asked when my package would be shipped i had to wait from

08-07-2022 until 20-07-2022 for a reply thats 12 days so they aren't fast with replying on their emails which is a shame because i think customer service is one of the more important points of being a good trustworthy vendor. At the end i did receive my package without any hassle it just took longer then expected.

they could improve the discreetness of the packaging, at the moment it is just an envelope containing the product. accepts:

Direct banktransfer

Bitcoin rating:

Website design: 6/10

Webshop Information: 6/10

Product prices: 4/10

Merchandise prices: N/A they don’t offer Merchandise

Product range: 7/10

Product Quality: 5/10

Customer service: 6/10

Total Score: 5,5/10


4 points about the webshop they could improve:

-The products are expensive compared to some other vendors

-They should improve the discreetness of the packaging

-More product reviews on the webshop

-They should improve their customer service

On trustpilot they have 67 reviews and they scored a 3,7
Overall, my experience with has been quite average and there is room for improvement.

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